What I’m Eating This Week

Still in the throes of the ever-present job search, I lucked out and got to apartment-sit for my brother in Brooklyn while he’s off frolicking in Bali.

So what is one 20-something to do while in the hipster jungle of Park Slope for two weeks?

Eat lots of avocado toast.

While not relegated to the simple dish, I will say I’ve become a bit of a master at making it work for me. Not to mention that I would like to prove that I SO INVENTED avocado toast before it was cool– back when I was vegan and pretty much literally had nothing else to eat.

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That’s right everyone, I’ve been rocking the avocado toast for 144 weeks now, before it even became cool to smash it on top with a fork… so basically you could say I’ve become a master.

My favorite #basic upgrades I’ve been using lately:

  • For when you need a little spice: Sriracha and sliced radishes with crushed red pepper
  • For everyday: a GENEROUS sprinkle of amazing French sea salt
  • For warding off the vampires: approx. 1 million pounds of sprinkled garlic powder (or if you’re feeling very fancy: roast actual garlic in a bit of olive oil, pour right on top, mmm)
  • For some added protein: top with a fried (or scrambled) egg, or some crumbled tempeh

Happy eating, followers!


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