Paris Fashion Week

With Olivia Palermo at the Palais de Tokyo, waiting for the show to start!

With a little bit of persistence and a lot of luck, I had tickets to both rounds of Fashion Weeks while I lived in Paris last year. You could almost say the Palais de Tokyo was like my home away from home… ok, I only went twice.

But beyond being two of the most memorable experiences of my time in Paris, it was really, seriously cool to see the goings-on of a show, from the obvious celebs (Olivia Palermo and Solange Knowles were my two favorites) to the chill-vibed bloggers to the gorgeous, intricate clothes finally sweeping down the runway. Knowing this season’s debut is only weeks away in Paris gives me some serious wanderlust, but maybe I’ll get lucky in New York one season soon too.

My look for Andrew Gn’s Autumn/Winter ’15 presentation

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